Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Budget 2012 Pakistan

This was the first time in Pakistan’s record that a democratic government presented its fifth national budget during its time. The cost of entire budget for 2012-13 has     been        expected at Rs3.203    trillion.

Budgetary proposal comprise the creation of one hundred thousand latest jobs in the economy, special measures to address the consequent energy crisis and the production of water reservoirs and infrastructure like transportation, road and railway networks across the country. But the question arise in mind’s that these new ‘special measures’ are will be exposed with Friday’s budget speech.

Additionally, our government claims that there is no new tax will be forced in the budget and relief would be given to everybody, while government employees are    also   expected        to     get    raise  in      their  salaries.

Ministry of finance on Thursday launched the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2011-2012 — a pre-budget document gives value the overall presentation of the economy during leaving        the fiscal    year.

The government claims to get growth in Fiscal year 2012-13 through development in output and competitiveness, market reforms, promote cities as regional clusters, and reform civil service institutions and public sector enterprises.

According to in depth analysis, 3.7% GDP growth has been achieved in outgoing fiscal year as compared to previous year’s target of 4.2%. In the meantime, the growth of GDP target for the upcoming year will be set at 4.3%, and fiscal shortfall has been targeted at 4.7 % of GDP.

Farming and agriculture growth during the fiscal year 2012-13 is expected at 4 %, manufacturing at 4.1% whereas the services sector will grow up at 4.6%.

The developmental budget was approved at Rs.873 billion for Public Sector Development Program’s (PSDP) for the year 2012-13, with Rs.360 billion as Federal part and     Rs.513 billion provincial  parts.

In the PSDP allocations, main concern has been given to water and power sector, in addition emphasizing on social sector health, education and poverty mitigation, claims the finance      ministry.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) grows up to around 10.8% during the year as against 13.7% during the previous year, while it is now targeted at 9.5 %.


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